Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

Saturday my father and I went out early to a few yard sales. I wanted to stay out all day but we were getting ready for our family reunion next weekend and had to head home around 9am. The earliest any yard sales opened was 7am, so we had a 2 hour window. It worked out alright I got a few items and will be heading out with my aunts probably this weekend or 2 weeks from now. I am excited and proud of myself because I pulled out $60, if I needed more $100 was my limit, but I spent way under my budget. 

I love afghan racks.. My mom's is gorgeous and I wish I could snatch it from her. But for now I have my own. :) I really like it, its simple and will fit into my living room well. 
That is if I don't decide to do something different with it.

This guy matches my afghan rack, and to think it was two different people who I bought them from. Same yard sale, different people and they both got them at different places. The hearts are different but who cares? Not me! I don't know if I like the color of these two. They are about the same, table is a little darker, but close.  Paint or Stain? Will have to wait and see..

From the same yard sale again. I have wanted a rack like this for awhile, now I just need to find my dishes I liked again for in it. The bottom right swirl is a little bent, easy enough to fix and she needs a new coat of paint. Then she will be just like new

I see the beauty in her, can you? A little more padding, some new fabric and a paint job. Never better
Last one from our first yard sale.

We stopped at 3 more places before I bought anything else. At our second stop I found an old standing radio. This baby was about a foot and a half shorter then me and still had all its tubes and wiring. The guy didn't know if it worked and I really didn't care if it did. But I fought with myself and left without it. What would I do with it? Marvel at it with googly eyes and use it was a stand, that's what! But *sigh* I left her there. I hope she got a good home...

Our 4th stop didn't have much but I found these pretties. I love their color and the best part, someone made these in a ceramics class. I think they were just painted by the person, not 100% sure. But the lady just asked that I didn't break them for a mosaic or anything. I wouldn't think of it! They will just probably get a paint job. Don't really match anything

I love the detail in the handle. <3

The next stop I found giant Christmas ball jackpot! I wanted them for photo props but the lady wouldn't budge on the price. I don't think she really wanted to sell them. Yes you bought them for 10 a piece and you have 10 there. But you want 5 dollars a piece and will not sell them separately. I am not dropping 50 bucks at a yard sale for giant plastic balls. I will find something else, thanks.
2 more stops, nothing. Tried to find 2 other places but they were not out.

See one of my helpers paws up there! That's our family's black lab, she kept blocking my light. The lady wanted $5 for this, I asked if she would take $3. She did

I love and I mean L.O.V.E. cracked glass. No idea why, probably has something to do with with you put a lit candle in this.. the shadows that are cast on the walls and everything are amazing!

In all, I only spent 18 bucks! Hello happiness! Not any large pieces of furniture, but I got some nice things. I would have taken them outside (excuse the back lighting. I know sorry!) but it was raining off and on. Sun out the whole time but no rainbows.

While I was taking these photos I had 3 helpers.

Soooo I guess I should introduce my brats.

These are my kids. Tal is the oldest, the hubby and I got him while we were dating in high school. Temp we found when were in Japan. She was a stray in Nago city, she ended up staying when we couldn't find a home for her after a year. Both are cuddle love bugs. Tal is half Dachshund/half Jack Russel, Temp is unknown but we believe at least part Shiba and part some type of terrier (rat or jack.)
Those are my Pupalups <3
Hopefully I can get painting again tomorrow since its rained the past two days. I have 3 things all sanded and ready. Maybe a visit to the thrift stores tonight and see what I can find.
- Brit

Monday, July 25, 2011

Farm Show Season: Denied.

I grew up entering farms shows since I was pretty much born. Ok that is a lie, but its been since I can remember. I was probably about 3 when they (my family, mom, grandparents and aunts) started entering my flowers I helped plant and of course my "artwork." I don't think I entered any photography till I was around 6 or 7. The past 2 years are the only years I have not entered in any shows because of living in Japan. So when we came home last Oct I was excited that I would be able to do them this year! We came home the week OF our last farm show, so we didn't make it last year. ):
I don't know about other areas, but around here almost every county has a farm show and my family pretty much goes to them all. It was extra money for us, enough to get some more supplies for our crafts. There isn't anyone in my family who doesn't have a hobby. If that be crafting, painting, gardening, cooking, photography, building, ect... I can name you an aunt, uncle, or cousin who does it. So my loves come by genes maybe?
Anyway, back to farm shows! So today I heard that we are not entering at least our local farm show. The farm show that was hosted in my Jr. High and then my High School since... well ever. Its not large but its got enough departments/sections for someone at first glance to go "WHAT THE..." yea. That is something I love, going through the book and figuring out where your item goes. But money for the show has been going down over the years. Less and less people are traveling to enter, which leaves it to the locals who are getting older. Out growing or just can't do the shows anymore. This saddens me because of all this they cut the prices of the winnings and its not worth it to enter. The winnings have been cut in half meaning the department I enter the most in, Photography, first place prize will not cover the cost for prep the photos. Half of $3.50 it only $1.75 so adding up the cost.

4x6 print - .75
Matte Board - 1.00+
Hangers - about .25 

$2.00, only to make $1.75 IF you win first. Its not worth it, so our local Farm Show is going to miss out on about 15 people entering, some entering against each other in departments. That is about half of their entries going off the numbers from the last 5 years. Its sad and I don't want to skip it, even if 25 cents lost isn't much it adds up when you enter at least 35 photos. Photography and art have one of the largest prizes, next to sewing. I don't sew, I am a photo, art, jewelry, and that girl. Well I don't sew what they want for entries. :)
In all I am sorry to say so long 73rd HCFS Its been fun, maybe we will be back.

At least I still have the county fairs, maybe. Hopeful the move will not mess that up for me. >:(
Anyone else seeing the same thing in their area? Anyone else still have farm show? I would be interested to hear about them!

- Brit

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Preview of some Thrift Shop finds

I love thrift stores, I just wish I was in a better area for them. So when I find something it is an even better plus for me. So perhaps this move to the city will be good, in that area. But still I hope Monday to head to our only 2 thrift stores in town and find some things to start my latest idea. :)

Anyway I figured I would post a couple of my finds, all in the process of being redone for different purposes. Excuse the awful lighting and pictures, our lighting in the house if overly yellow/orange and for some reason my brand new camera has issues with focusing.

I love this stool. You might say, "Its only a stool" yes but its going to be awesome when I fix it up. I paid $7 bucks for this beauty and let me tell you the time in sanding this paint off her was a night mare. But more on that when she is finished.

I could have swore I have taken a picture of this chair before we painted it. This was just a cheap kitchen chair I found one day at random while out. I didn't really go into the store looking to buy anything when I saw this and knew it would be perfect for pictures. It was sanded and painted in a hurry for a photo-shoot but you and see where it was rushed, so it is under the works of being fixed. She is a bit wobbly and that is the first thing on my list since who knows how many people (mostly children) will be sitting on her in the future. Oh, and of course the shiny-ness HAS to go!

Now this baby was the best thing I have found while thrift shopping. I have wanted a chest for ages, but for 2 different purposes. I of course bought this to store bedding in for the bottom of our bed. Its now going to be home to my jolly collection of photo props and in itself be one when she gets a makeover! I am excited to redo this baby. I am just hoping my ceder will do the trick and pull the nasty smell from her. If anyone has any ideas that might help on that, please let me know. I steamed it and have been letting ceder sit in it as of right now.

Just a sneak peak! I have a rocking chair that in in the process of being redone also. I don't have any pictures of that because I wasn't going to redo her because of the aged paint. But I don't like her color and the backing needs fixed. So she will get a foe aged look after paint. I am so excited about that!
Other news, I will post my yard sale findings from Saturday soon. Along with some other fun stuff coming up! Even though we do not have a place yet I am going to be getting this ready for the holidays. I am in a crafting mood, so look out hubby! :) My big blue tote of pictures needs to be worked on. I have frames and frames to fill. It looks like I might have to head out and do some scrapbook shopping tomorrow.

- Brit

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I don't know if anyone is out there but if you are, stick around! this is going to be my little space for my DIY projects, crafting, cooking and more. I am not the best at any one thing and I really don't have a favorite. I am a do it all kinda girl and I like the mash of it.

I have a few projects in the works right now while my husband and I are in the process of moving. I need something to keep me busy and things fun. To meet some people and throw ideas around. 
You are more then welcome to stay and throw me some too, in fact I would love ideas and help. 

Until later, thanks and have a great day!