Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Gallery Wall {The Idea}

So its been 2 months since I have posted, I know. ): But I am back! It might be slow for a little bit because, in my typical fashion, I am trying to do 500 things at once and it feel more like I am going backwards. Trying to re organize the laundry room, pantry situation, bathroom, and more. All on top of having car issues that took away 2 weeks of my life. Our scary living room floor issues and get into our guest room to have it ready for people to stay. Nothing it getting finished because I hit a road block and get so frustrated I give up. I will have more on all this later...

Right now I am trying to calm down and do something crafty on my day off. I need to get started on my spring/Easter decorations. I skipped V-day and St. Patrick's day this year mainly because so much has happened in the last 2 months I have not even wanted to think about it. I am starting with a revamp on my gallery wall and wanted to share a rough sketch of what I hope will only take a little time to finish. More then liking something will go wrong and this will be put on hold for a week... or two, maybe three.

That is the over all idea. Most of the pictures will not be changing, I still am trying to get my pictures all in there. But over all my rough idea is to add a garland of some type (probably a rag on in spring colors,) a wreath which that is a surprise! My oval frame will be reworked to sport a painted rabbit. Unless I find an idea I fancy better. My bigger frame which holds nothing right now will be made up to say "Bloom" and a few other changes here and there. Of course that includes my shelf decorations...

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We had 2 beautiful days after the snow melted from a small coverage. Then it stormed last night and everything is a muddy mess.
That reminds me, I still have Christmas lights on the front porch that need taken down. Bah, Have a good weekend!

- Brit

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Snaps #23 {Photography}


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